Interstate Pet Transport Options

Woofers Pet Transport is a small family-owned business.
We have several different levels of interstate pet transport services running regularly throughout the eastern states of Australia from Adelaide to Brisbane.
 Our most common routes are covered weekly as part of our Express Services with trips between the major cities generally being same day or overnight services.
More specialised or individually customised services run less regularly or on demand to suit your needs.
See below for details regarding each service.

These are our regular weekly scheduled runs with set routes and meeting points for drop off and pick up of pets.
These are our most affordable services, covering all the main towns and cities on the primary routes up and down the east coast of Australia.
Prices are based on having our clients meet us at meeting points in most towns and the cost of each trip is spread between many customers to keep the cost down.
The prices are based on a set pricing structure with discounts being made available to regular clients, breeders, animal rescue groups and the greyhound racing industry.
Your pets will be personally looked after by our friendly, dedicated and caring professional drivers who will be with your pets the whole journey.
Schedules allow for regular comfort stops for your best friend as well as our drivers, as well as good quality food provided and water available at all times.
Our vehicles and floats are a range of air-conditioned vehicles and transport floats to ensure your pets comfort.
Our service caters for puppies, kittens, cats, dogs, and greyhounds right through to large dogs with a limited number of spaces for extra-large dogs.
When enquiring transport for senior animals (10 years plus), pets with specific health conditions, extra-large dogs and brachycephalic breed pets – please inform us as we may seek further information and have specific policies regarding these pets.

These are more specialty flexible services designed to cater for pets with special needs extra- large breed dogs and brachycephalic breed pets, or simply for clients who wish to have a greater degree of attention or feedback during the trip.
The premium services also cater to more remote locations not catered by our regular weekly express services.
This is a full door to door service, more loosely scheduled but with greater flexibility.
The cost of each trip may be spread between several customers and the prices are calculated using a per km charge which increases for pets travelling to more remote areas.
Common regions are likely to be serviced fortnightly with more remote regions being monthly or bimonthly and are scheduled based on demand.
The Priority Service is a fully individualised trip typically catering specifically to your own individual needs whether you have 1 animal or multiple large number of pets to be transported.
We can fully customise a trip to suit your own needs and time frame.
This service can cater to extreme or special needs, as well as specific times and dates.
Whilst this is the highest cost option to pick from; it is the most flexible and can work out affordable if you have a large number of pets.
The cost of each trip is calculated using a daily rate for the complete round trip.
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